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Monday, April 06, 2009

Orthodox Jew Of The Day

If the stores won't be kosher then as far as Arieh Yerushalmi is concerned there is only one way to respond to this blasphemy against G_d: get buck-nekkid:
JERUSALEM (AFP) – A man stripped down to nothing but a strategically placed sock at a Tel Aviv supermarket in protest at its decision to sell bread over Passover in violation of Jewish religious laws, Ynet News reported on Monday.

Police led away Arieh Yerushalmi, 28, after he shed his clothing in the store on Sunday -- one year after he staged a similar protest at another supermarket.

Yerushalmi wanted to protest against the store's decision to continue selling bread and other leavened products during the Passover week that begins on Wednesday. Jewish law forbids the use of such products during the holiday.
The sock does raise the obvious question: How do we know he was really Jewish himself?

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