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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spreading The Love In Latin America

Fernando Lugo has got quite the resume: Roman Catholic archbishop, president of Paraguay AND mack daddy. The Washington Post reports:
The clamor over Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo's behavior is getting louder, one crying baby at a time.

For the third time in less than a month, a woman came forward yesterday saying that Lugo, a former Roman Catholic bishop, is the father of her child.


The scandal broke this month when lawyers for Viviana Carrillo, 26, said they were bringing a paternity suit against Lugo, claiming that he had fathered her child, Guillermo Armindo Carrillo Cañete, who will turn 2 next month. Carrillo said she was 16 when their relationship began.

Lugo shocked the country by publicly admitting that he was the boy's father and saying that he would "assume all responsibilities."

"I recognize that I fathered the child," he said at a news conference in the capital, Asuncion.

Lugo, 57 and single, became a bishop in 1994 but resigned a decade later from the diocese in San Pedro, a province in central Paraguay. In December 2006, he said he was renouncing his bishop status to run for president, but Pope Benedict XVI did not accept his resignation until last July -- before he took office as president.

On Monday, the second woman to speak out, Benigna Leguizamón, said that she began working at the San Pedro diocese in 2000 when she was 17 and that her son with Lugo was born in September 2002.


The woman who came forward yesterday, Damiana Morán, a 39-year-old divorcee, said in interviews with the Paraguayan media that she had only compliments for Lugo, whom she met in 2006, after he left the diocese. Morán, a social activist and director of a childcare center, called him "phenomenal" and said their relationship "was driven by a great love." She said that her son, Juan Pablo, is 16 months old but that she, unlike the other women, does not plan to file suit against Lugo.


Morán said at a news conference yesterday that she was forming a team to deal with these paternity cases. She said she has information that Lugo could have as many as six children.
(The photo above is of Paraguayan Olympic javelin thrower Leryn Franco, who unfortunately is not involved in the scandal - as far as I know - but may very well be the hottest thing to ever come out of Paraguay.)

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