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Friday, May 08, 2009

Blowing Smoke In The Man's Face

Let's hear it for Sandusky, Ohio, bar owner Paul Hauke, who came up with a novel way of protesting his state's vaguely-worded smoking ban.
As part owner of Sandusky watering holes Boze’s Bar and Lake Wilmer Inn, he’s awaiting two hearings for repeat smoking violations that allegedly occurred at those bars.

A nonsmoker, he said he lit up in the health department’s lobby to prove the smoking ban unfairly penalizes business owners because it fails to offer them any means to make patrons stop smoking.


“I lit up a cigarette, and the lady told me to put it out or she’d call the police,” Hauke said. “I said, ‘go ahead and call them, because I ain’t putting it out.’”

Erie County health commissioner Pete Schade said Hauke was belligerent when asked to extinguish the butt.

“He continued to puff away,” Schade said, adding that Hauke pontificated on everything that was wrong with the smoking ban, Erie County and the state.

Hauke also threatened to call a state hotline to file a complaint against Erie County Health Department for permitting a smoking violation -- his own, Schade said.
Read the whole Sandusky Register story here. Youtube video of Phil Harris singing the classic tune Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette here.

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