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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Craigslist's Buckmaster Goes Down, And Cheaply Too

Last month I sold my car through Craigslist. Why that way? Mainly because Craigslist doesn't charge you if you want to advertise a car. They only charge for two things: Job listings and "erotic services".

Well, scratch one of those:
CHICAGO - (AP) Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says that Craigslist is getting rid of its "erotic services" ads and will create a new adult category that Web site employees will review.

Madigan's office said Wednesday that such existing ads on Craigslist will expire in seven days.

Madigan and the attorneys general for Connecticut and Missouri met with Craigslist officials last week seeking an end to ads they contend are advertisements for illegal sexual activities.

An e-mail sent to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster was not immediately returned Wednesday morning.

Craigslist came under renewed pressure to remove the ads after a medical student in Boston was charged with the April killing of a masseuse he met on the site.
As Rob has already pointed out, these ads are far better than the alternative, forcing the girls to walk the streets where their chances of a meeting a guy like the Craigslist killer are about 100% higher.

I suggest we start a fundraising drive for Buckmaster to help him afford a pair of testicles, 'cause he obviously needs a pair. Who's with me?

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