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Friday, May 08, 2009

Is Nothing Sacred?

Now the Man is trying to take away our right to give naked 15 year-old girls spray-on tans! The AP has the story:
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- A state lawmaker says he plans to sponsor a bill next session that would bar adult males from applying spray-on tans to female juveniles at tanning salons.

State Rep. Bruce Borders, R-Jasonville, said he was shocked by a recent case where an adult man who works at a tanning salon applied a spray-on tan on a nude 15-year-old girl.

Borders said he can't believe there's not a law prohibiting that type of activity.


A Greene County woman, Brandy Holtsclaw, said she was furious when she learned her 15-year-old daughter got a spray-on tan while nude from a grown man at a Linton tanning salon.

Her daughter had forged a note from her mother. The tanning salon's owner said that when he entered the booth to apply the tan last month, the girl had taken off all her clothes. He proceeded to apply the tan and then left her to dry.

Holtsclaw said she looked into the matter and learned that her teenage daughter did not need parental permission, nor is there any statute to prevent a juvenile from being nude inside a spray-tan booth with a male technician.

"Maybe it's not illegal, but it should be," Holtsclaw said.
So the girl lied and went without her parent's permission to get the tan, the man did nothing other than spray her with the tanning solution and no laws were broken. Clearly, this requires nanny state legislation.

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