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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prepare Yourself for the Preakness Debauchery That Is....ZZ Top??

We're getting close to annual and death-defying tradition that is Preakness. It may be on it's last leg as the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown, but that hasn't stopped the Maryland Jockey Club from doing its best to keep ticket sales and attendee enthusiasm down to a minimum. [Ticket sales are down 15% from last year] The general buzz surrounding the event is poor to negative; which -- IMHO -- might not be a positive while you are fighting to keep the historic race in Maryland.

First they ban the BYOB policy that comes part-and-parcel with the infield ticket. Then, to compensate for the only reason anyone goes (the ability to bring coolers of cheap beer) they book supposed "added value" entertainment ZZ Top. No fucking joke. Because we all know that 20 year old college kids will spend $60 to pay $3.50/beer and listen to ZZ Top, right? As this guy who was quoted in the New York Times article says:

“I’m definitely not going this year, and I don’t know anyone who is,” said James Reiter, 28, of Baltimore. “ZZ Top seems lame to me. Maybe they’re trying to calm things down, but the older people who come to enjoy themselves go to the grandstands, not the infield.”
I concur. Mind you, I wouldn't be caught dead at Preakness this year or any other year, because as I said last year around this time -- " I plan on finding just about anything else to do. Golf, yard work, rounding up feral cats at the dump, you name it -- I'd rather be doing it. Preakness is something to be done once, maybe twice, but only if you're lucky enough to survive the first one."

However, just because I have enough sense to not put myself in that situation, doesn't mean that the idiots who are willing should be deprived of that chance. As a Squishy conservative, (and I do mean Squishy with a capital S) I believe in tradition and institutions. This goes double for traditions that involve: nudity, drugs, people running across urinals, people running across urinals AND getting pelted with beer cans, more nudity, and gambling.

P.S. -- Micheal Phelps stripper update: Apparently the stripper in question was from Scores. Not surprising. On a surprising but not really related note: There is a great farmer's market on Sundays, about a block or so down from the Scores in Baltimore. Strippers and organic greens...mmmmm

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