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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can You Say Social Security?

As stay-at-home moms everywhere eagerly await the Smoker-In-Chief's upcoming 4th presser in about 3 minutes, (it seems like there have been more, no?) I remain unconvinced that he is going to be able to accomplish any of his lofty domestic goals, especially health care and that it could prove to be a Bush social security reform moment for Obama.

I'm not really basing this off of any of the recent polling data, it's more just a gut feeling from a sales guy about the angle Obama has taken on health care reform. Selling health care reform as a necessary part of balancing the budget is a pretty gutsy and transparent move. This might be a case of me giving too much credit to the average American, but I get the feeling that most people see right through his pitch, and that's the point where customers stop listening to a sales pitch.

For starters -- and lots of people have made this point -- it's tough to convince people you care about spending and balancing the budget when you are spending like Obama has, and will continue to do. Also, I'm pretty sure that most semi-educated folks understand that universal health care would cost more money, but feel as though health care is a right in a developed society and is worth the trade-off of additional costs. I don't agree with that, but it's a position that one can defend. Most discussions I get into with co-workers centers around the fundamental issue of whether people have a right to free health care, and exactly what "free" health care entitles one to. Until Obama has that discussion with the American public I don't think he can make much headway in his pursuit.

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