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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't Delis Usually Have Meat?

Perusing the classifieds on craigslist:
This is your chance to work in a strictly lacto-vegetarian/vegan deli....we have 2 locations....1 in Timonium and 1 in Monkton. Please specify which area you are most interested in when applying. Looking for someone who is self-directed, motiivated, clean, on time, knowledgeable about vegetarian food, kind, easygoing and works fast. No slowpokes need apply. Pay contingent upon experience and what you offer to the business. Must learn to use register, make sandwiches and juices, clean, do prep and other related tasks. If you know how to cook and have worked with food professionally that is a huge plus. For the most part, if you say "I like to cook for myself", that doesn't count as professional experience. Respond quickly because these jobs will not be open for long. Looking for part-timers and seasonal workers (Monkton location). If you don't like to smile, don't respond to this add. Peace. Also offering unpaid internships to folks who want to work in our places
Gee, who wouldn't want an "unpaid internship" at a vegan sandwich shop. Sweet gig to put on you resume. Hey future employers, I was stupid enough to fill bread for free. Hire me!

Which reminds me -- I have an unpaid internship available in my home office that involves doing all my daily chores (minus masterbation) and assorted day job work. Hit me up if you are interested.

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