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Monday, June 01, 2009

Jenna Bush Has the Fist Pump of a Challenged 5 Year Old

I happened to score some very nice, (and some very free) tickets for the big Matt Wieters debut on Friday night at Camden Yards. It was a lovely night -- perfect weather, Orioles win and post-game fireworks to boot. Wonderful time had by all -- including Jenna Bush who happened to be sitting a few suites over. I don't have much of a spy report other than I can say Coors Light and Miller Lite cans appeared to be the beers of choice, and she looked fuckable in white pants, black tank top (though I must say, I'm partial to her sister). She looked like she'd had a few, but take that observation for what it's worth because I was half in the bag by that point.

I will say that she has no concept how to cheer. I didn't notice her rooting much during the game, but she was enthralled by the fireworks, giving the loud blasts a somewhat confused and half-retarded version of a fist-pump in the air. Kinda like a Tiger Woods fist-pump at a rock concert. That or a celebration for Jello Day at Melwood. And just to clarify -- I'm not making fun of the "developmentally challenged" folks at Melwood, I'm making fun of the developmentally challenged Bush daughter.

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