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Monday, June 01, 2009

They Aren't Working

Florida couple nabbed by cops for distributing steroids illegally. Couple claims they sold to athletes in multiple major sports leagues including -- get ready for this -- the Washington Nationals. Yes those 13-36 Nationals. ESPN:
"We're following very closely the developments in Florida as the case progresses," NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told The Washington Post on Sunday. "We think it's important from the league's perspective to investigate this because any allegations of this type are concerning."

Upon his arrest last Tuesday, Richard Thomas of Lakeland, Fla., told police that he had provided drugs to numerous professional athletes. He did not mention names or offer evidence to support his allegations, Polk Co. Sheriff Grady Judd said. Thomas' wife, Sandra, also was arrested in the bust.

The Thomases face 21 state charges of importing and possessing steroids and other controlled drugs.

"We asked him if he'd sold to major professional athletes, and his quote was, 'You name the sport, we've sold to them,' " Judd told ESPN's T.J. Quinn last week. "He didn't name specifics, but he said he had dealt with [players for] the Washington Nationals and the Capitals."
Full story here.

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