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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do That Voodoo That You Do So Well

The Problem: The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reports that your health care plan is a budget buster, a massive black hole of red ink that will make health care more expensive, not less, as you have promised.

The Solution:
If you are Barack Obama, you just ignore it and tell people to expect bureaucratic miracles:
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has said that the proposals fall short of Obama's promise to slow the increase in health-care costs, leading critics to charge that those bills would only add to the nation's large budget deficits.

"That's simply not true," Obama said yesterday.

Reform is expected to cost at least $1 trillion over the next decade, and Obama has pledged to pay for it without adding to the nation's budget deficit.

He says the savings accrued by adjusting health-care incentives will eventually reduce medical costs and help tame the deficit.

"By helping improve quality and efficiency, the reforms we make will help bring our deficits under control in the long term," Obama said yesterday.(emphasis added)
Reason's Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie have dubbed the Obama administration the "magical realism" presidency. It would be funnier if it weren't true.

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