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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where Can I Get Some Khat?

I only ask because it seems like Khat submissions have been way up over the past six months of the Microgram Bulletin (scroll down to the bottom). I wonder why?

Khat strikes me as a pretty entertaining drug, one I was first introduced (in a literary sense) while reading the Tony Horowitz book, Baghdad Without a Map. Great book, totally worth a read if you haven't. Anyway, since reading his Yemen chapter I've always wanted to sit in tent with some Arabs, drink some pepsi and chew khat for 16 hours straight. I was the only kid in high school with that dream. Talk about let down since, I haven't even been at a party where someone broke out a bundle of khat and asked me if I wanted some.

Which is what got me thinking about this whole khat in America thing. I'm guessing it's brought into the the country to service large immigrant population centers; but I'd like to imagine that khat is becoming a big mainstream drug hit. The new club drug. Soon we will have khat-whores. If you want to guarantee getting laid in a club, you'll make sure that you didn't forget your bale of khat. Khat-whores...It would be great...

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