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Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Hey, have you heard the latest one about me drowning that chick?"

Here's one for the you-cannot-make-this-shit-up file. Ted Kennedy apparently loved to collect and tell Chappaquiddick jokes. No, seriously. National Review's Mark Hemingway made the catch:
Jules Crittenden mentioned on his blog he heard Ed Klein, former foreign editor of Newsweek and editor-in-chief of The New York Times Magazine, recalling on air that Ted Kennedy liked to joke about Chappaquiddick. It seemed to defy belief, so I listened to the episode of The Diane Rehm Show in question and sure enough — I've transcribed what Klein told guest host Katy Kay (Here's a link to the audio in WMA format, relevant portion starts at about 30:15):

I don't know if you know this or not, but one of his favorite topics of humor was indeed Chappaquiddick itself. And he would ask people, "have you heard any new jokes about Chappaquiddick?" That is just the most amazing thing. It's not that he didn't feel remorse about the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, but that he still always saw the other side of everything and the ridiculous side of things, too.
That's odd 'cause I saw saw the funny and ridiculous side of things that night I vomited in the backseat of the sheriff's deputy's cruiser and yet somehow I still ended getting charged and having to go to court for it.

Here's a handy youtube clip of the same radio interview.

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