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Friday, September 25, 2009

Cop Steals In Baltimore. Today's Other Surprising News, Rob Was Drunk Last Night.

Par for the course in our fair city. Baltimore Detective who was detailed to a DEA task force was charged in federal court with lying and embezzlement. City Paper details the charges:
According to the criminal complaint and search warrant for Lunsford's Sykesville home, his DEA work space, and his official vehicle, filed by U.S. Attorney Jonathan Biran and based on a 16-page affidavit written by FBI special agent Brian Fitzell, the case against Lunsford began in June as a result of information developed from a "confidential human source" that Lunsford was handling in the course of doing DEA investigations. That source provided the FBI with "information regarding the criminal conduct of Lunsford to include Lunsford's theft of clothing and jewelry from crime scenes (including searches and arrests) and Lunsford's receiving 'kickbacks' of source payment money,"according to Fitzell's affidavit. As recently as Sept. 22, the day the charges were filed, the affidavit says, Lunsford was observed participating in such a "kickback," in which the source he handled was paid, but then later split the proceeds with Lunsford. Items Lunsford allegedly stole include watches, clothing, and Playstation video games.
What can you say? Seems like every couple weeks another one of these stories breaks in Baltimore. This one is particularly stinky because it involves a corrupt relationship between drug informants and police. I would hope that the US attorney in Baltimore takes the time to review all cases involving Lunsford and his sources.

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