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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lesson Learned Fellas

That lesson being -- If you are going to have sex with a drunk 18 year old college freshman in a bathroom stall, be sure to film it on your cellphone.

More on a date rape that wasn't at Hofstra University:
NEW YORK — The police were looking for him.

Then the man Nassau County, N.Y., police said they’d identified as the fifth suspect in an alleged gang rape at Hofstra University on Long Island shared a crucial piece of evidence with the family of another suspect.

A cell-phone video. It was just five minutes and 58 seconds of grainy footage from a public men’s bathroom in a college dormitory, according to a defense attorney for one of the four men who was later charged. It did not show the entire incident, the attorneys acknowledge.
Read the whole article, it's pretty troubling if you're the type of guy who is having consensual drunk sex in bathroom stalls and/or regularly participating in group sex with emotionally unstable females. So more or less all my friends who read this blog.

The short version of the story --- A Hofstra co-ed had drunk group sex in a bathroom stall. The next morning she claims she was raped in a lurid manner involving her being tricked into a bathroom and then tied to a toilet while being assaulted. People get angry, suspects are arrested, a press conference is held. A couple days later while searching for a missing suspect the cellphone video turns up, showing nothing more than a dirty girl in a dirty situation. Charges were dropped against the equally dirty young men.

What I didn't see in the article was anything about pending charges against the lady who falsely accused. One can only hope that charges are soon to follow.

More at doublex.

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