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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

National Science Foundation Bogged Down in Pornography Investigations

Washington Times:
Employee misconduct investigations, often involving workers accessing pornography from their government computers, grew sixfold last year inside the taxpayer-funded foundation that doles out billions of dollars of scientific research grants, according to budget documents and other records obtained by The Washington Times.

The problems at the National Science Foundation (NSF) were so pervasive they swamped the agency's inspector general and forced the internal watchdog to cut back on its primary mission of investigating grant fraud and recovering misspent tax dollars.
Humm...Really? What exactly occurs during these "investigations" of misconduct? I mean this isn't like the CSI of workplace porn or something. Buy some software to block pornography sites for christ's sake. You don't need to understand the motivations of why someone is looking at porn at work. I can do that for free for you: BECAUSE THEY CAN.
To manage this dramatic increase without an increase in staff required us to significantly reduce our efforts to investigate grant fraud," the inspector general recently told Congress in a budget request. "We anticipate a significant decline in investigative recoveries and prosecutions in coming years as a direct result."
This whole thing sounds like a smoke screen for the foundation's own failure to uncover grant fraud. Or just a another way of asking for more money from taxpayers.

I'm not buying this. I can't view any website that even mentions a money line for a football game at work, let alone an actual gambling site, and the guys in charge over at the NSF can't figure out a way to stop this guy?
For instance, one senior executive spent at least 331 days looking at pornography on his government computer and chatting online with nude or partially clad women without being detected, the records show.

When finally caught, the NSF official retired. He even offered, among other explanations, a humanitarian defense, suggesting that he frequented the porn sites to provide a living to the poor overseas women. Investigators put the cost to taxpayers of the senior official's porn surfing at between $13,800 and about $58,000.
Full article here. Well worth a read. And if they must expand on their Porn Investigation Unit I'd like to go ahead and offer up my services for a job. I'm like a human porn hound the way I can sniff it out.

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