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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh, Shit ...

A Census worker was found dead today with the word "Fed" scrawled on his chest. He was hanging from a tree. The FBI is still investigating -- there hasn't been an autopsy yet -- so very little is known. The victim was a 51 year-old teacher who worked for the Census Bureau to make a few extra bucks.

It's a horrible tragedy for the guy's family of course and I hope they catch the sick fuck who did it, assuming it was a murder.

Unsurprisingly the guy's body wasn't even cold before left-wing bloggers started saying the murder was because of town hall meetings and anti-Obama protests. "Another Glenn Beck Killing?" asks Oliver Willis (What, is Beck a serial killer or something?). "Again I ask, at what point does someone using fiery rhetoric, grossly false claims, and race baiting become responsible for the violence it incites?" asks the New Atheist. "[N]ow, people are getting killed as collateral damage from this game," says one of Daily Kos's bloggers.

Never mind that we have no idea yet what actually happened to the Census worker. Never mind that vast overwhelming number of protesters just want to peaceably air their grievances and that the claims of violence at the protests are ridiculously overblown.

That whizzing sound you hear is these bloggers pissing on the ashes of liberaltarianism. They are not interested in expanding freedom or defending the rights of people to peaceably (if obnoxiously) protest. They hate it when anyone opposes them and will wave whatever bloody shirt they can find -- bogus claims of racism, Joe Wilson's outburst, now this guy's death -- to shutdown their opponents. Well, fuck them.

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