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Thursday, October 08, 2009

And You Thought Obama Didn't Care About the Gays

Obama throws gays a bone:

President Obama plans to name an openly gay lawyer to serve as his ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, administration officials said Wednesday evening. If confirmed by the Senate, the lawyer, David Huebner, would become the first openly gay ambassador in the Obama administration.
Ambassador to New Zealand. Prestigious shit.

Isn't it time to kiss and make up gay community? All those broken campaign promises are in the past. I know you've felt jilted, but look, he's doing his best to make up for it. We're talking about naming a gay lawyer to the ambassadorship of New Zealand people. This is big-time stuff. Forget gay marriage -- you have a seat at the table next time we have a dispute over sheep tariffs...or something.

Way to mend fences Obama.

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