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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I want to let all of our readers know that we take the recent FTC "pay-for-play" guidelines very seriously at TtP. So seriously that I'm going to pull away the curtain and reveal all of our corporate sponsors, whether we have written about them and/or their goods or not.

Here we go....

---The law firm on the right..Although, truthfully he isn't as much of a sponsor as a "creditor" to whom I owe lots of money from gambling and stripper related debts. So I'm not sure that counts...Can I get a ruling on that FTC?

[On a semi-related note -- If a cop happens to find you on the side of the BW Parkway passed out drunk in your car with your pants around your ankles and reeking of urine, give James Farmer a call. He's your man.]

---Capital One. The pay my hosting fees for me every month, and my annual domain renewal. They make it easy by giving me a card that I can charge the fees to and I can carry a balance on for a nominal financing charge of 17.5%. What a corporate sponsorship!

--Google. Does anyone else have free email for their blog?

--My employer. They generously subsidize hours of blogging a week month so that I can produce original content sentences. The hours donated literally represent ten's of dollars, if not hundreds, over the course of a year. Without them this blog wouldn't be possible.

There's probably more that I'm forgetting. I mean when you run such an influential blog your mailbox is stuffed full of products and checks. It's a real hassle.

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