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Friday, October 16, 2009

Going Green Prevents Blue Balls

Finally, a "save the earth" project TtP readers can get behind. AFP reports that a Berlin brothel is offering discounts to "environmentally conscious" patrons:
"Everyone's a winner," explained Regina Goetz, a former prostitute who runs the "Maison d'envie" (House of Desire) brothel in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg, a district in the former East Berlin, which is a stronghold for the ecologist Green party.

"The environment is a topic on everyone's lips and it's pretty difficult to park around here. So we came up with the idea of an 'eco discount' of five euros (7.40 dollars) to anyone who leaves the car at home," Goetz told AFP.
You get the discount by showing a bike helmet, a padlock or your bus ticket stud, er, stub. It doesn't exactly sound like a foolproof system to me, but, hey, they're Germans. They'll find a way to make it more efficient.

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