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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Panera Bread to Trees: Fuck You

This is a picture of a Panera bag taken on my desk. I've put a 32oz water bottle next to the bag to give you an idea of scale. Taking a look at the size of the bag you may have thought I ordered a foot long hoogie and a gallon of milk. Or maybe an elephant's dump. Not quite. I ordered half a salad and half a sandwich, and somewhere in the deep reaches of this bag my meal was found.

It may very well be cheaper to produce really big fucking bags, instead of bags that are merely big, who knows. Or maybe Panera just really hates the forest. All possibilities.

Other news: The Redskins are bad. Really bad. So bad, that they've taken to banning signs at Fed Ex field that announce how bad they are. That's not quite how team officials describe the new rule, instead claiming that they're banning all signs at the stadium because of the inherent risk of signs around crowds of people. Who doesn't remember the Great Sign Massacre of '07? No one? Oh right, that's probably because it never happened. Nor as any other sign related disaster ever happened. I would guess that's because signs AREN'T FUCKING DANGEROUS. Buckle up Redskin fans -- It's gong to be a long 9 weeks...