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Monday, October 05, 2009

Protecting the Pooches

Via City Paper's invaluable Councilmania (which details the coming and goings of the Baltimore City Council, a yeoman's job to say the least):
On the resolutions front, Conaway [ed-Councilwoman Belinda Conaway] introduced 09-0150R Police Actions--Treatment of Dogs, which asks Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld to tell the council what happens to dogs residing at a house when cops are called to the address, whether it be a call for assistance, an arrest warrant, or a drug raid.
Of course it doesn't do anything to stop the dangerous raids from happening, or dogs (or worse living, breathing people) from being shot. But it's a nice gesture I suppose.

(We are however, talking about *a police department that doesn't release the name of officers who shoot citizens. So good luck on getting them to release information about dogs involved in raids.)

*Mind you that same policy doesn't doesn't apply when it is a citizen involved in a shooting (or slashing)of an accused criminal intruder. Apparently they don't worry about retribution crimes...unless it's a cop who could be the victim.

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