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Monday, November 16, 2009

James McWilliams Reminds Us All Why We Hate That One Vegetarian We Know

Good God Almighty. Fuck this poor miserable soul who's only joy in life to suck the joy out of others lives and starve poor people to death. Did I mention he also looks like a weasel who wears glasses? Because he does. Not even a cute weasel with glasses that you would dress up in a little sweater and take for walks around the city and people would say, "Aw, that's a cute weasel. Can I pet him?"

No, that's not him. Instead he looks like the type of weasel that carries rabies. And syphilis. Definitely looks like a weasel with syphilis. No one wants to pet a rabid weasel who has syphilis. Trust me.

Here's the weasel in a Washington Post op-ed demanding an apology from meat-eaters:

We know more than we've ever known about the innards of the global food system. We understand that food can both nourish and kill. We know that its production can both destroy and enhance our environment. We know that farming touches every aspect of our lives -- the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil we need.

So it's hard to avoid concluding that eating cannot be personal. What I eat influences you. What you eat influences me. Our diets are deeply, intimately and necessarily political.
God damn, we're all doomed. Fucked to an eternity of douche bags like this one telling us what is and isn't politically conscionable to eat, wear, drive, fuck and everything else in between.

If what YOU FUCKING EAT isn't personal what is? Is the pornography I choose to watch a personal decision? Or no, because it would offend just about any reasonable person? Seriously, If this guy is offended by eating chicken he would shit-a-brick at my browsing history.


This realization changes everything for those who avoid meat. As a vegetarian I've always felt the perverse need to apologize for my dietary choice. It inconveniences people. It smacks of self-righteousness. It makes us pariahs at dinner parties. But the more I learn about the negative impact of meat production, the more I feel that it's the consumers of meat who should be making apologies
I don't care about your self pity. My concern isn't about you feeling out of place at a dinner party. What I care about is your types making meat more expensive for poor people. That's my concern. I want beef, chicken and pork to be cheap and widely available, because it's the 21st century and we're a rich, developed society with a huge middle class. It wasn't always like this asshole. Meat was a luxury. Protein was a luxury.

That's the elephant in the room. [I was working on this post before I read this post by Sonny Bunch, so excuse the redundancy] These people want to price certain types of food out of certain types of people's budgets. You don't think that fat guy in Iowa is eating properly. You also think he doesn't hold cows in the proper esteem. It offends you. So you want meat to so expensive that poor people can't afford to eat as much of it as they are now. That's pretty shitty no?

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