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Monday, November 23, 2009

Special Alert To All TtP Readers In Georgia

Especially if you are a teacher. The good news is you can actually legally sleep with that hot, hot piece of jailbait ass who has been giving you that look all semester. The bad news is that that right is about to be taken away from you:
MARIETTA - Teachers across Georgia may legally engage in sexual relationships with students 16 or older if the sex is consensual.

That is what the state Supreme Court held last summer when it ruled, 5-2, in Chase v. The State, a case out of Richmond County. The decision has immediate effects in Cobb County, where at least two former high school teachers are charged with sexual assaults of students older than 16.


A lawmaker from Gainesville has already drafted legislation for the 2010 session to crystallize the illegality. And a Cobb lawmaker, Rep. Rob Teilhet, says if that bill can't be passed quickly, "I don't know what we'll do this year of any value."
You know, Teilhet, ol' buddy, sometimes inaction is an option.

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