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Monday, December 21, 2009


Rings, open-bar holiday parties, snow..It was a busy weekend for me. But I show up to work this morning to find that THE TUBES NEVER REST.

The Great Snowball Fight/Gun Play Incident of the Great Snow Storm of '09 occurred in DC over the weekend and the internet is all a twitter with the happenings. Like everything else that happens in DC, the rest the nation had to hear about it whether we cared or not.

I briefly saw something on my twitter feed about a cop pulling a gun during a twitter organized snowball fight down in DC. [Side Note: They had one of these twitter snowball fight things in Baltimore too. No I wasn't there. I was too busy having sex. But my point is that there was no such gun waving incident in Baltimore. No, our cops are too busy actually shooting and killing people to be bothered with scaring yuppies throwing snowballs.]

So I saw the quick take on the incident and like anyone else it sounded to me like some stupid cop did something stupid with a gun. But reading the accounts and watching the videos this morning, I'm not so sure that those "kids" (couple of the accounts on reason and Washington City Paper interestingly referred to what looked like a group of 20 and 30-somethings as kids) didn't find themselves in a predictable situation that they really could have, and should have avoided.

These douches were throwing snowballs at unsuspecting motorists, no? What fucking adult does that? The off duty cop overreacted, but it appeared that he was overreacting as a pissed off motorist, not a pissed off cop. You wouldn't find me on the corner of Baltimore and Bentalou throwing snowballs at passing cars because a) I'm not a fucking douche b) I might get the shit beat out me.

I'm certainly not defending dirty cops. I blog about it as much as I can stand, and read about it daily. I hear stories from co-workers who live in bad sections of the city about cops taking liberties in just about every regard possible. There are truly tragic stories like this one. A kid who is trying to do something with his life and has no criminal record is mysteriously shot dead by cops. That shit sucks. It sucks a lot. But sorry...I don't see the snowball drama to be anywhere in the ballpark of what I should be outraged about.

P.S. The comments at the City Paper prove to be real classy.

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