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Thursday, December 10, 2009

No Pot For Dog Sledders

Even the Iditarod is getting in on drug testing.

You would think that riding in an open sled across a frozen tundra is one activity where drugs or alcohol would be a requirement. Anchorage Daily News:

FAIRBANKS -- The Iditarod plans to test mushers for drugs and alcohol in March, a change many mushers have no problem with -- but one that three-time champion Lance Mackey scoffs at.[...]

Mackey, a throat cancer survivor who has a medical marijuana card, admits to using marijuana on the trail and thinks his success has made some of his competitors jealous.

"It isn't the reason I've won three years in a row," said Mackey, though he concedes marijuana helps him stay awake and focused during the 1,100-mile race that takes winners nearly 10 days to complete.[...]

Mackey says the issue of mushers smoking on the trail is irrelevant because it hasn't affected anyone's race.

Furthermore, he said, what he does in his time is his business.

"The Alaska lifestyle, you can do just about anything you want if you're not bothering anybody," he said. "You have a little more freedom in this state and smoking pot is kind of a common thing here in Alaska."
Ahh Alaska...Sounds like a frozen paradise...[says the guy from Baltimore who can't even lean on a fucking flower pot without some fuckwad from the city yelling at him]

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