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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Bachelor Boots Show Contestant Who Fools Around With Multiple People..Wait..What?

I'm a confessed fan of ABC's The Bachelor. When I first started watching the show a few years back I compared it to a snuff film. I think that analysis still works. It's one hell of a creepy show, and leaves you a not-so-good feeling about yourself for watching.

For me that usually last for about half a second until I remembered that I just finished watching streaming video of....oh I dunno, a pregnant nun getting boned in a barn. Creepy is relative, no?

This season however a scandal has rocked the show to its core. Initial guesses in the Rob household during the lead up to the on-air reveal included: 1) One of the man-ish looking chicks was in fact a man. 2) One or more of the chicks were involved in a lesbian orgy during the show. (my favorite) 3)Someone was married. We were all wrong. DEAD WRONG.

Turns out that one of the whores on the show was actually...A WHORE! WHO KNEW??? I AM SO OUTRAGED!!

Here's the breakdown of the "Scandal of '10": This girl (which by looking at her, would you ever guess that she would be at the center of a sex scandal? Nooooo, how could you?) apparently entered into inappropriate relations with a producer of the show that features such completely appropriate things as group dates and multiple groping partners. The producer was fired, the contestant kicked off and douche named Jake who's this years Bachelor couldn't believe that someone who would come on to a reality show had motivations other than finding her future husband. I know Jake. Hard to figure.

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