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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Confirmed: John Edwards Co-Starred in Preggers Porn Video

Since our last post on the subject of John Edwards, a few more details of the alleged porn video have leaked out. First off we can scratch the "alleged" part. Edwards' mistress confirmed its existence by filing an injunction against ex-Edwards aide and tell-all book author Andrew Young releasing the tape. has the documents:
According to an affidavit filed yesterday in North Carolina Superior Court, Hunter reported that she was having an "intimate relationship" with Edwards in 2006, and that the video was made around September of that year.
ABC News reports more details. Namely that the woman in the video is large and in charge:
Though Young never saw the woman's face in the tape, he said she was "visibly pregnant" and was "wearing a bracelet" and a "thumb ring" typically worn by Rielle Hunter.

"It's her jewelry," Andrew Young's wife, Cheri, told ABC News. "It could be on another woman with the same jewelry."
The Washington Post meanwhile notes a fascinating possibility. There may be multiple videos out there starring Edwards:
It remains unclear if Hunter's 2006 tape is the same one that Young claims to have found. Young admits the pregnant woman's face is never visible in the tape. Furthermore, Hunter gave birth to her and Edwards's daughter, Frances Quinn, more than a year after she says her 2006 "private" video was made.(Emphasis added.)
So Edwards has a thing for making amateur porn videos starring himself with pregnant chicks? Nahh, probably not; I'm guessing it is Hunter in the tape and somebody is just confused over the dates.

Oh, the ABC story has this other great tidbit:
Young claims that Edwards even called upon him in late May 2007 to convince Hunter to terminate her pregnancy.

"The senator tried to convince her to have an abortion. ... He tried to convince me to convince Rielle to have an abortion," Young told Woodruff.

"She [Hunter] asked me if I were in her shoes what would I do. And if I said, 'I'm pro-choice, but after having had three kids, if you're asking me what I would do, no, I would not do it,'" Young recalled of his conversation with Hunter.

Young claims that Edwards was infuriated with him for not convincing Hunter and stressed that he was not certain the baby was his because Hunter was a "weird slut and a freak." (Emphasis added.)
Stay classy, Edwards.

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