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Friday, January 29, 2010


Via @mikeriggs -- "There's no bottom in the horse market". The Denver Post reports on the horse market:
Horse after well-pedigreed horse failed to fetch decent prices at this year's Mile High Select Sale of quarter horses and paint horses at the National Western Stock Show.

The bad economy, the closure of the last U.S. horse slaughterhouse in 2007, overbreeding, an abundance of mid- and low-grade horses, and the high cost of caring for horses have all conspired to cause horse prices to plummet across the country.

"There's no bottom to the horse market any more," said Scot Dutcher, chief of the Colorado Department of Agriculture's bureau of animal protection.
The horse beat is a familiar one to readers of this blog. We've covered bans on fucking, eating, and grinding the galloping creatures, coming out against all of the above. Especially the fucking one (wink, wink). [Yikes, that sounded creepy even to me when I read that back.....]

Falling prices and abandoned horses, noted here a year ago, was bound to become more of a problem when Congress made killing horses for human consumption illegal. A problem started in 2006 when the Feds tried (and essentially did) to shutter all domestic slaughter houses.

So next time you see Trigger limping down your street, looking like a straving Haitian refugee you can thank the bums in Washington for their hand in torturing thousands of horses.

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