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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mass Voters Could Have Elected a Giant Squid For All I Care; As Long As He Was the 41st Vote*

Great Massachusetts senate post-mortem by Dave Weigal in the Washington Independent this morning.

My only thoughts: As a casual observer in Maryland this race reminded me of the 2002 MD gubernatorial race. A lot of parallels between the two. A Democrat in Kathleen Townsend (who also happened to be a Kennedy) ran a really shitty and uninspiring race. A talented center-ish Republican ran a great race and took advantage of the points spotted to him by Townsend. He pulls off a huge upset, becomes the first Republican Governor in Maryland since Spiro Agnew....And he goes on to lose 4 years later to Martin O'Malley. Minus Brown losing to a Baltimore Mayor, the same result will most likely happen in two years. But enjoy it while you can Mass Republicans.

*For the record I do think it's pretty fucking stupid that a majority isn't a majority in the Senate. However, it's 9 times out 10 it's a good thing to make it harder for those old fucks to pass a bill. So it's a wash in my book.

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