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Thursday, January 21, 2010

MPP Intrique

Perhaps only interesting to me...but according to reports Rob Kampia is taking an extended leave of absence from his gig at the Marijuana Policy Project to work on issues related to "hypersexualization" and his workplace attitudes towards women. Ladies and gentlemen, the face of the drug policy reform lobby!

Since I can't access the High Times article that originally "broke" this story (because I'm at work and unlike the MPP, my employer cares about things like workplace professionalism. Zing!) here are links to reason and the Post; both of which provide a quick synopsis of the scandal that led to Kampia's leave of absence and a number of staffer's resignations.

This story has special significance to me, having met the guy a couple of times, one of which was a job interview with MPP 2 or 3 years ago. This was during the time I was blogging frequently on drug policy and TtP had many more DC readers than it does now. I happened to mention my ownership of the blog prior to the interview, thinking it might help. I should mention that this was also a period where I was making a lot of tranny jokes. Don't ask. It was a dark period. You can see where this is going.

Now I can say with confidence that it wasn't my sexually depraved humor that kept me from getting that job -- in fact it probably helped -- instead it was just a really shitty interview* coupled with a thin resume. Boy do I feel better.

*I'm serious. It was the worlds worst interview. I was sweating through my February. Asked them to turn on the AC. Told them that "I wasn't a big fan of e-mail". Made several off the cuff remarks about people calling them douche bags. In a really awkward moment I was walking out of the office where the interview was going on and heard one of the ladies who was in room call out Rob. So I walked back in and said "Yes?"...She said, and I quote, "Not you". Ouch...

After I left I went straight to Union Station, quickly downed a handful of 7and7s, then drove home to drink an epic amount of alcohol that night. What I learned was you should never, under any circumstance "be yourself" in a job interview if you happen to be me. It was a valuable lesson.

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