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Friday, January 15, 2010

Smoke Detectors Are Gay

I agree -- Fuck smoke detectors.

Let me take this opportunity to pass along a tip that was unknown to me until I spent a very loud (and very high hour) wrestling with a smoke detector after a failed batch of cannabutter set off an alarm many, many years ago in my college apartment.

Turn off the oven.

Nothing makes you feel like a jackass more than ripping TWO smoke detectors out of the ceiling only to figure out that the alarm won't stop until you turn the oven off. Needless to say I never got my security deposit back from that apartment. The condition of the bathrooms probably didn't help either...

Additional tip: Cannabutter isn't worth the trouble. You probably won't make it correctly leading to that really awkward experience with 3 stoners sitting around eating buttered bread wondering if it's started to kick-in yet. You feel like a real douche when you have a 3 ft bong in the corner of the room and you're trying to get high from eating toast.