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Friday, February 19, 2010

Paterson Shocker: HE'S BLIND!

I saw the rumors (earlier this week?) swirling around the tubes about "bombshell" accusations that were to be dropped on the Stevie Wonder of New York politics; so I expected some stories of hookers and shit in the coming days. Fuck if I wasn't disappointed. No hookers. No blow. Turns out the guy is just a huge asshole who runs a northeastern state. BORING. Get in line Gov. No Sight McGee.

Why even bring up the New York Times piece if there aren't any hookers and drugs? Two reasons --

1) It gives me a chance to run this fucking fantastic picture of Paterson as a kid in 1970 (above). Take a good long look. BTW, he's the kid on the right.


2) The indictments of Paterson read like my annual work evaluations. I half expected to read - "Aides have noticed that Paterson spends hours in the bathroom while at work, and often smells of vodka in the afternoons."

A few of those Rob-like (I can read though!) transgressions are: (excerpting from the NYT)
A review of several months of Mr. Paterson’s private schedules shows that his days were not long; he often arrived at his office in Manhattan or Albany after 10 a.m. and departed by 4:30 or 5 p.m

Sometimes, he has failed to show up at long-scheduled events.
Use the side door in the office, dude. Also, He cancelled a make-up speech at Columbia (he failed to show for the first one) two hours before the event. His excuse?
He had to cancel, the governor said, because of an emergency terrorism briefing. The Times requested the names of others who attended the briefing, or other evidence that the briefing had occurred, but Mr. Paterson’s office declined to provide any.
Oh shit. The Terrorism Briefing Card. I expect more from a guy like this. Look, I bet that one works better when you are a governor of a major state and not an Event Planner at a non-profit, but still, that's a tough excuse to pull off. Trust me.

Questionable accounting:
The governor attributed more than $1,800 in charges at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota, Fla., to a trip he made to meet with someone he hoped could help him raise money. Asked if his trip broke even, he said, “I didn’t go down there for that reason,” adding: “I have a cousin who’s ill in Sarasota. I went down to see my cousin.” Mr. Paterson noted, “I mean, I did sit by the pool at the hotel, I will admit to that — that was kind of vacation-oriented.
He can't read (stay with me on this one):
Mr. Paterson, who is legally blind, has always relied on trusted aides, in part because his disability forces him to turn to others for assistance with tasks like briefing himself on policy issues (he does not read Braille) and navigating crowded rooms.
And last but not least, this is what his friends have to say about the man:
As The Times prepared this article, Mr. Paterson and his staff encouraged reporters to interview a number of the governor’s supporters to speak about his record. One declined to comment. Two others did not return phone calls requesting an interview.

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