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Monday, April 12, 2010

Amanda Marcotte Has Some Really Creepy Friends


Take it away Amanda Marcotte:

For reasons of bet-settling, I recently found myself on a bender of asking male friends a simple question: How many straight men do they believe look at porn on a regular basis? Most of the answers fell right into the 99-to-100 percent zone, but one friend startled me by saying, “At least 60 percent,” a number I found to be a tad low.
Tad low doesn't even describe it. Your friend either hasn't heard of the internet, or has shit for brains. Either way, more than 60% of men watch porn. You don't get technological advances like DVDs and "private browsing" with only 60% of 50% of the population demanding them. And what the fuck is up with the straight men nonsense? Where does this lady live that she thinks gay dudes don't like to watch porn?

He quickly clarified his position by noting that it would be 100 percent if many men, at least some of the time, weren’t logging onto Facebook instead of seeking out a porn site.
Wait a minute...There're nude pictures on Facebook? Where the fuck have I been?

But my friend told me guys aren’t looking for dirty pictures on Facebook, they’re looking at ordinary pictures of women, the kind that you and I associate with Facebook. Women partying with friends. Women goofing off in the park. Women sitting at home trying on a pose that’s serious and deep. no nudity. So if I understand this correctly he's jerking off to pictures of women playing with dogs in the park. Perfectly normal stuff. Let's hear from another of Amanda's perfectly normal friends.

Another man, age 41, saw it in a slightly different light. He noted that he would love to stare at sexy women on the street, especially if they’re showing a lot of cleavage, but that he refrains out of respect. “But on Facebook,” he says, “you can stare as long as you want to—nobody's going to get mad because it's not them, it's just a picture.”
Umm...OK...Show of hands --- Who thinks this 41 yr old man has a couple of hookers buried in his mom's backyard? OK, a HANDFUL of hookers?

He adds, noting that his interest goes beyond the platonic: "I can print out, bookmark and/or download the images I see on Facebook to look at again and again and again.”
"You see, the great thing about Facebook is that it cuts down on all the expense of stalking. I don't have to buy that expensive camera with telescopic lens, and my clothes don't get dirty from climbing in trees, and hanging out in bushes anymore. Social media has allowed me to be a creep in a trench coat at my very own desk."

Via Radley Balko.

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