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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baltimore: The City Where Manhole Covers Sleep With One Eye Open


Baltimore police nabbed Anthony Beard, an employee of the city’s Bureau of Water & Wastewater’s Franklin Street Yard, loading a city manhole cover into a private vehicle Tuesday about 3 p.m.

Police also detained Ronald Sutton, who was later released and not charged.

The police were alerted by an employee who tipped them off that the duo was about to take the cover.

Both have been charged with larceny, police said.

During the incident, a Wastewater Bureau supervisor, Robert Foster, was arrested after he allegedly became combative with the officers during their investigation.
Great plan.

It would take months, maybe even years for anyone to ever notice a huge fucking hole in the middle of busy city road. By that time these two guys would have been living the high-life off their hundreds of dollars in manhole profits down on some sunny island.

If only they had thought to not grab the manhole cover at 3:00. In the afternoon. Under the bright sun. An hour or so before rush hour. If only.

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