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Friday, April 16, 2010

Only One Solution To the Mobile Meth Lab Problem: BAN CARS

I take a look at where we are in the War On Meth, post sudafed lockdown, and I gotta say --- ONE HUGE FUCKING SUCCESS BOYS.

Law enforcement officials in several states say that addicts and dealers have become expert at making methamphetamine on the move, often in their cars, and they discard their garbage and chemical byproducts as they go, in an effort to destroy evidence and evade the police.

Just as some states had reported progress in stamping out home-based meth labs, this transportable process has presented a new challenge: 65 percent of meth lab seizures in Tennessee, for instance, are now the one-pot, or “shake-and-bake,” variety. The number of meth labs seized in Oklahoma last year increased to 743 from 148 just four years ago, largely because of the prevalence of moving labs. In Indiana, the state police reported that meth lab seizures rose nearly 27 percent from 2008 to 2009.

Mr. Wargo attributed at least half of the new meth activity in Elkhart County to the easier one-pot arrangements. He began seeing the switch in 2008.

“We are so under water on this thing,” he said.
More from me here, back in 2007 writing about the negative consequences of putting the screw to domestic meth productuion and the influence of mexican importation.

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