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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Sad Life of an Orioles Fan

Hey look at that...The O's set a record last night against Tampa Bay. 9,129 fans showed up to see the Orioles lose their 6th game of the very young season, making it the smallest crowd in Camden Yards history. Yea for records!

This though I can respect:

Think the natives at Camden Yards are getting a tad restless with the nifty 1-6 start the Orioles have going?

Well, they are. And apparently they're getting thirsty, too. [...]

A well-orchestrated chant in the terrace box seats the other night turned the traditional bugle call over the PA system into -- you can't make this stuff up -- a plea for more equitable beverage pricing.

Instead of just yelling "CHARGE! after the bugle call, a half-dozen of these folks were yelling: CHARGE! LESS FOR BEER!"
As a sports fan I'd put the last decade up against any other fan for the shittiest ever. I'm not a hockey fan so I've missed out on the successful Caps run of the past few years. The two pro teams I identify with, arguably have had the worst management in all of sports (Redskins, Orioles). Just as the Orioles have started to turn the corner with player development with a competent front office, they find themselves in the toughest division of all of professional sports.

When the conventional wisdom is that the owners need to go before the teams can start winning and BOTH of your teams fall into that category, well...then you are pretty much fucked for a long time.

I do have Maryland basketball, but even that's been a tough road since back-to-back Final Fours and the 2002 National Championship, with only one Sweet Sixteen since then and only a handful of tournament appearances.

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