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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Underage Prostitution Scandal Hits French Team; Country Shrugs

If you had to make up a scandal for France's national soccer squad, an underage prostitution scandal would be a finalist, no?

AFP - French international footballer Franck Ribery may be charged over alleged relations with an under-age call-girl, but says he did not know she was a minor, a judicial official said on Monday.

The case falls less than two months before Ribery, the Bayern Munich midfielder and one of the stars of his national team, is due to play for France in the football World Cup in South Africa.

The prosecution service official, who declined to be named according to regular French practice, told AFP that Ribery had admitted having relations with the prostitute but says he did not know she was underage.
Story here.

Reminder: We will have full coverage of World Cup 2010: The Rumble in the Jungle here at the blog.

Full coverage of my gambling losses, full coverage of my daytime drinking shenanigans, and maybe a live-blog or two during the tournament. I've got the Saturday opening match against England marked on my live-blog to do list.

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