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Monday, May 10, 2010

Blair's "Hauling " Video Has 683,000 Views. Only 679,987 Were Males Over the Age of 35.

I promise to cyber-stalk the shit out of my (way in the future) daughter to make sure she is never, ever adding to the glut of pictures and videos that creepy old men jerk off to. Like this:

Somewhere in America's suburbs, 16-year-old Blair sits in her pink-walled bedroom and shows off a slew of recent purchases from the fast-fashion chain Forever 21. She bought a black blouse, a slouchy cardigan, and $6.99 jeans. "OK, so normally it would bother me if my jeans didn't have any detail on the rear end," Blair says. "But I was actually reading and they say that if there is not any design on the back pocket on your jeans … somehow it makes your butt look smaller. So way to go for these jeans!" I know this because Blair (aka Juicystar07) taped it via webcam and posted it to YouTube.[...]

Online videos like Blair's are known as "hauls." They involve mostly young women showing off the fruits of shopping trips. Call them a girly version of the online video phenomenon in which mostly young men feverishly dismantle the newest electronics.*
Great. Good work internet. Blair's video -- that I'm SURE features absolutely no inappropriate comments from creepy guys -- here.

P.S. Just for the record -- My 23 year old fiancee puts on "Haul" presentations for me after every shopping trip she goes on. It's not so much sexy, or entertaining, as it is extremely annoying as I'm trying to wager on Australian ponies, or some other really important weekend activity.

So let me endorse this idea for the missus -- I'm OK with the idea of thousands of random men masturbating to a video of you and your new clothes, IF it means I can lose money in peace and quiet. Deal?

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