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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Should Really Pay More Attention To The Miss USA Contest

This is why I blog: I mean, it's not like I get to write about the Miss USA winner who happens to be an Arab with alleged ties to terrorists who also happens to be free-market right-winger as well as a master of the stripper pole at my real job.

God, I love this country.

Okay, meet Rima Fakih, the 2010 winner of the Miss USA contest. Miss Fakih is a 24-year-old Lebanese-American from Dearborn, Michigan.

Nothing being nonpolitical these days, it didn't take long for fringe nuts on the right to claim she has terrorist ties or for left-wing bloggers to point to that as proof the entire right was "outraged" and "freaking out" over an Arab winning.

Now I am pretty sure Fakih is not a terrorist. Among other things she claims to celebrate the Christian and Muslim faiths. She came to the US in 1993 when she was 7 years old and went to Catholic school in New York. And while some of the Catholic school grads I know are kind of messed up, they're not strap-a-bomb-to-themselves-messed-up. There's also the fact that Fakih was a member of her school's Free Enterprise Group.

But the thing that gives me the clearest indication that she is not a terrorist is the fact that she won Mojo in the Morning's 2007 "Stripper 101" contest.

Now, see if this was a regular part of the Miss USA contest, I would actually bother to tune in.

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