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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Aregentina Nigeria Not-Quite Live Blog

I'm about 40 minutes behind on this game, watching it on DVR.

7:48 Argentina just scored to go up 1-0 in the early minutes of this game. Could easily be 2-0. Fun game so far as it should be, with two teams who play wide open.

10:20 Raise your hand if you hope Maradona is still coaching Argentina in the next World Cup in BRAZIL. Can you imagine the trouble that rotund bastard could get into in Brazil? Easy access to hookers, drugs, and more hookers? The guy goes through cocaine like I do toilet paper.

20:00 Keeper is coming huge so far for Nigeria. This game could easily be out of Nigeria's reach by now.

How many times do we have to hear about the vuvuv zulas, or whatever the fuck the horns are called? We get it, South Africans like to blow plastic horns.

28:00 Wow. What a beautiful chance in the box for Nigeria. Great work up till the shot/cross.

Noticing after watching a couple games, that the number of hot women camera shots is severely lacking in this world cup. This is bad, and no one is better for Sweden not qualifying for this world cup. Yet one more reason to look forward to Brazil in 4 years.

35:00 Nigerian player hit in the nuts. Nothing beats watching a grown man hold his crotch on camera, during the most widely watched event in the world.

36:40 Another fantastic save for the Nigerian keeper on a sure upper 90 goal for Messi. That would be the second such save for him in this game.

Soccer is similar to hockey where a hot keeper can win or draw you a game. Messi is doing everything he can to put one in, but it doesn't matter if the keeper is playing lights out.

50:00 This has the feel of one of those games where Nigeria hangs in there despite being outplayed for the better part of the game, then finds a goal in the later moments. We'll see.

57:00 Thanks ESPN, for that crowd shot of disgusting Argentine men. Much better than attractive women.

These camera men should be shot for their performance so far. There's got to be a few hot, ethnic women in a stadium of 70,000

60:00 Mark this as the moment I officially buy into the Lionel Messi hype. Really happy I didn't cover Argentina is any of my 20 bets on this world cup. Sure that will turn out to be THE gambling decision of 2010.


66:00 Blown chance for Nigeria on a breakaway. Poor touches.

If I was the Nigerian keeper -- who's playing the game of his life -- I would be letting my opinions be known to my teammates after that shit.

77:00 FIRST TOUCHES NIGERIA. Fucks sake work on that shit.

My only betting interest in this game is a wager on Nigeria to be the top african team by the end of the cup. So far I'm not impressed by their form. Wonder how much Argentina has to do with that.

81:00 Another fantastic chance for Messi ruined by a fantastic save by the Nigerian keeper (don't know his name). If I had bet Messi (which I didn't) for top goalscorer in the tournament I'd be very heartbroken by this game. He should have had 3 by now.

87:00 GAHHH. Just heard John Harkes is going to be in the booth with Martin Tyler. MORE VUVUVU ZULOOS PLAEASE.

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