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Monday, June 21, 2010

Life After College Means Never Growing Up for Some

Maybe if I weren't so bitter from how much the real world blows, I wouldn't want these kids to die in a house fire so badly. But it does, and I do.

Katie Blaha leaves her job in Hunt Valley at 5 p.m. every day to return to a house in Catonsville she shares with roommates who are a good bit older than she is and ask a lot of personal questions.

Even though she's got solid employment and has weathered the worst of the economic downturn, Blaha, like so many in her generation, is back living with her parents.

"I want to save money, so I'm not just getting by," said the 22-year-old who graduated from Washington College in 2009[...]

Dorsey, like, Blaha, said she did not intend to live at home for more than a few months, but living with her mother made job searching less stressful. But even with a job that uses some of her skills and training, she said, "I'm not sure what I want to do."

She said she plans to live at home for another year to save money, so she can have a buffer of 6 months' rent, "to be comfortable to know I don't have to scrape together."[...]

Moving back home gives graduates breathing room as they hunt for jobs, and allows them to return to a lifestyle more comfortable than they could enjoy on their own.
What the fuck do these shitbrains think a job is for? Making you feel good about yourself? Giving you meaning in your life? Fuck no. People have jobs so that they can pay for things like shelter, food and know, responsibilities. A job allows you to get by. That's the whole point.

Oh, and we also get a portrait of the Couch Guy:
Oster, an analyst for AOL, said he moved home after college to help pay for law school at Cornell University in the fall. He said he had planned to go last year, but deferred because of the slow economy and the elimination of many of the high-paying law firm jobs. Living at home, he said he expects to save $20,000 to use toward graduate school.

But Oster said living at home is not his first choice. Most of his friends are in Baltimore, where he spends many nights. "I've been a big couch moocher," he said.
$100 says this asshole never buys a round at the bar....Who wouldn't take that bet?

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