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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When I Grow Up I Want a Government Job

This shit makes the public posturing of the FOP (and other public sector unions) over restructuring off the city's pension commitments all the more infuriating..

Hundreds of Baltimore City employees over the past three years have earned overtime pay equal to more than half their annual salary, even as the cash-starved city has reduced overtime payments by nearly a third, an analysis by The Baltimore Sun shows.

Among the highest overtime earners are 36 police officers and one firefighter who took home more than the mayor during at least one of the past three years for which data was available. One officer earned $173,791; another made $153,160. The mayor's salary has risen from $125,000 to $151,700 the last three years
But it isn't just police officers who are doubling their salary via overtime.

The city's list of high overtime earners also includes a pair of library security guards who made $29,334 and $24,322 in overtime, and a data entry clerk who made $27,083 in overtime.
Holy hell....At what point do people start storming city halls with pitchforks, demanding either a government job for themselves, or an end to excessive compensation for public sector employees?

Just because some data entry clerk happens to work for DMV instead of a private company doesn't mean that he/she is entitled to make double what her private sector counterpart makes. If the fucking money to pay her salary grew on fucking money trees, I would be all for Mrs. Government Data Entry Clerk making $65,000/year. But it doesn't work that way.

To prop up her artificially high salary (I'm including the ludicrous pensions that no one else in Workplace 2010 fucking gets) the government has to steal more and more from people who increasingly have less and less. Doesn't this sound like it should breed discontent? I'm too fucking lazy to grab a pitchfork; but I'm a little surprised we don't have more of that shit going on.

Full article here.

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