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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TtP Body Cleansing Formula: 4 Days in Montreal, 3 Bottles of Vodka, 2 Cases of Beer, Little Water and No Sleep

So I was in Montreal for my quasi bachelor party this past weekend. Two words: NEVER AGAIN. Some random thoughts as I continue my week long recovery...

--The Montreal casino is the worst. I've been to lots of casinos in many different states and countries, and the Montreal casino is by far the worst I've ever been in. Of course we still went back...and back.....and back, but we didn't like it very much. We just kept going back because we all have gambling problems. Not the best endorsement.

There's no fucking drinking allowed on the floor. You have to pay for, and drink your drinks at one of the bars. They call it Responsible Gaming. I call it gay.

--If you are looking to VanderSloot an American college student I highly recommend Crescent St in Montreal.

--Addendum to above point: I'm never having a daughter.

--Don't ever take advice from a local about where to go. Case in point: Two people told us to go to this after-hours drug party at a club. SOUNDS GREAT. Followed directions and ended up at a McDonalds in the gay district. Bacon Frommages are not substitutes for designer drugs.

--Strip club recommendation: Solid Gold. Stay away from downtown strip clubs. You want to go to the strip clubs in the sections of town that look more like Baltimore than Montreal.

--Play golf in Quebec. Amazing deals. Half the price of US courses.

--Ran into Phil Ivey at our hotel. Annoyed the shit out of him and his girlfriend. Told him "I grew up playing at the Trop". What a douche I am.

--You should be following me on twitter for great live tweets like this one.

--I judge these debaucherous trips this way: If at the end I never want to take a another trip with my asshole friends ever again, it was a raging success. This fits in that ranking.

--Doesn't quite top the Vegas trip from last year.

--I can't wait to get married.

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