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Friday, September 17, 2010

It Would Be Eaiser To Roundup All The Remaining Smokers and Shoot Them

If I was single and resourceful I would move to Montana and build my own compound where I could smoke whatever I want, grow whatever I want and shoot whatever I want. Fuck cities. NY Times:
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who has already banned smoking in restaurants and bars, wants to prohibit it in much of the great outdoors: parks, beaches and even pedestrian malls and plazas like those around Times Square, on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn and Broadway on the Upper West Side.

The proposed law, which is to be introduced to the City Council on Thursday, would cover all 1,700 parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities, and 14 miles of city beaches, as well as boardwalks, public marinas and the public pedestrian malls and plazas.
I'm sure the law will pass. If not on this go around, the next or the one after that. And it's important because New York leads the way in municipal smoking bans. [Not overlooking the fact that plenty of places do have these types of smoking bans already. It's just more important when New York does it]

The funny thing is that this strikes me as less offensive than telling a business owner what he can and can not allow on his property; but the problem with that logic, is that these fucktards wouldn't be able to pass this type of legislation if they hadn't already laid the ground work with very "reasonable" work-place smoking bans that have left property rights in this country in tatters. So I'm not OK with a government telling me I can't smoke in a public park. They can go fuck themselves.

More from a separate piece in the Times, discussing citizens potentially policing new smoking regulations.
In Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan, a sleekly dressed woman, teeth clenched in barely suppressed rage, asked, “Is it illegal?”

Informed that soon it might be, she grudgingly snuffed out her cigarette in the grass: “The last time a government endeavored to keep people from smoking, it was actually Hitler. You should look into it.”

A smoker nearby who was approached with the same request marveled, “You came all the way over here to tell me that,” gesturing to the sea of empty lawn chairs around him on a cloudy day.

Amid a tide of resentment, only one young woman, eyes crinkling in a friendly smile, immediately complied. “I can go farther away if you want,” said the woman, Claire Delmas, 29, a financial consultant. But maybe she did not really count. She was from Luxembourg.

It was a sort of “Candid Camera” experiment, inspired by the suggestion of city officials that Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s proposal to ban smoking at city parks, beaches and outdoor plazas would be enforced not just by the police and parks agents, but by ordinary citizens asking other citizens to do their civic duty to just stop smoking.
God bless the reactions of most of the smokers -- but if the general idea of empowering some random asshole to go around telling people to put out their cigarette doesn't make you want to want to give up on society, then I don't know what will.

Via Reason.

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