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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Like That Gym Membership I Bought, Only I Mean It This Time

For lots of reasons over the past year or so I’ve reduced my daily blogging into a quarterly digital newsletter consisting of a few paragraphs. I don’t really regret this, because a) no one is paying me for this and b) I’m fucking paying for the privilege to do this.

Here’s the deal about do something for free: You should only do it if you really enjoy it, or come in contact with lots of drugs and/or loose women because you’re doing it. Obviously I’ve always blogged because I really enjoyed it. And the hope that one day I’d grow a following of coked-up whores who follow me around the country in a tour bus as I sell out 80,000 seat stadiums while putting on a live-blog show. WHAT?? IS THAT SO UNREALISTIC AMERICA??

So if the coked-up groupies never show, and it suddenly feels like work to fill out the blog on a daily basis, the only thing left to do is put this thing out of its misery for good. But I don’t want to do that. I, along with a handful of other people have put a lot into TtP for more than 4 years. I wouldn’t sell the domain (unless someone offered me money), and I wouldn’t stop paying the hosting fees because I enjoy that I’ve got an archive of sloppy writing to go back and look at whenever I want.

What did I write about that guy who had his genitals ripped off by an angry chimp?

Or what about that time I drank ¾ a fifth of whisky, a bottle of wine and a few beers short of a 6-pack? Oh, that was election night. I’M QUITE AN ELEQUENT DRUNK.

So I’m giving this one last shot of daily or semi-daily blogging. I’ve thought over the past month or so about focusing on a couple issues that interest me the most right now. In order of interest: 1)Sports 2)Gambling 3)Alcohol 4) Naked Women Touching Themselves 5) Multiple Naked Women Touching Themselves. 5)My Wedding.

Not sure if I’ll stick to a particular focus or just blog about how bad my office chair smells, but I think I need to start writing on a regular basis if for no other reason than my own sanity, even if it's just about office etiquette or that wierd bump on the tip of my dick that is totally normal to have.

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