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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Morning Links

Do you know what makes for the best sleep ever? Sharing a full size bed with a 5'9" woman who talks in her sleep and two cats, one of which has a habit of sleeping on your face. Clearly I've done well for myself at 26. On to the links...

'Britain Details Radical Cuts in Spending, Citing Debt'

'Mexico seizes 105 tons of marijuana in Tijuana. Does it matter?' I'll go with a no.

'Angry James Harrison says he may quit NFL after $75,000 fine'

'Jeffrey Maier Revisited in the Bronx'. Fortunately for Rangers fans it didn't decide the game (and in the case of the '96 ALCS, the whole momentum of the series) and Texas took a 3-1 lead over the Yankees, giving them a chance to end the series this afternoon. Good luck Rangers, everyone who doesn't fuck little puppies is rooting for you.

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