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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Morning Links

Georgetown students busted for running a drug lab on campus, producing a psychedelic drug known as DMT.

That Giants line of +3 against the Cowboys looked like an easy gimme. So of course I stayed away from it. You know what happened? Cowboys were beaten 41-35 in a game that was never as close as the final score indicated and lost Romo to an injury. I'm really good at predicting games and then not betting on them. NOSTRADAMUS OF FAILED GAMBLING.

Worth noting that the other game this past week that Vegas threw up a questionable line for because the team was in a "must win game" at home and can't-really-be-as-bad-as-their-record-indicated, lost as well, as the Patriots (going into the game as +3 underdogs) destroyed the Chargers at home. Sometimes things really are what they look like.

Clarence Thomas in his younger days sounds like a fucking champ.

CNN) -- Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was a binge drinker who had a pornography habit or fetish in the 1980s, then changed radically when he stopped drinking alcohol, his former girlfriend told CNN on Monday.
If I ever got to sit down with Thomas I would be all like "What's you opinion on the commerce clause.....AND BIG TITTED WOMAN IN FULL NYLON BODYSUITS???"

First-time home buyers credit: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

So if Prop 19 passes (I think it's looking less so, but I still have hope) how far north will be able to hear the collective "What the fuck?" from Mexico?

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