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Friday, October 29, 2010

Thoughts On O'Donnell's Vagina and the Douche Who Wrote About It

Here's what we know about my favorite ladybug, based on the one sided account that Gawker posted without editorial comment.

--She didn't/doesn't shave or wax her pubic hair.

--She looks incredibly adorable in a ladybug costume.

--She might be a bit of cock tease -- or if we're being generous in our opinion of her -- smart enough not to open her legs for a dipshit douche bag that fully admits to the world that he's only attracted to pussy if it looks like it belongs to a 12 year old girl.

--O'Donnell was/is(?) single, attractive and in her 30's.

--According to anonymous she's also apt to make the first move in her pursuit of penis for the evening.

Here's what we know about anonymous d-bag:

--As mentioned above, he's only attracted to pussy that looks like it belongs on a prepubescent girl and he thinks everyone else is too.

--In his 20's and still has access to a boy scouts uniform, that fits his pudgy, adult frame.

--Thinks a "one night stand" means "a girl slept in my room for one night and I didn't have sex with her"

--Thinks it's "aggressive" for a woman to remember meeting him a year before, and for making up a lie to come see him at his apartment.

--Thinks he sounds cool be saying he turned down future opportunities to potentially have sex with an attractive older woman.

Here's what I think -- Fuck this immature pencil dick. I'm done getting laid due to the whole marriage thing in my immediate future, but I'm not so removed from having sex with slightly desperate 35 year old women that I can't remember what a fucking privelege it is to do so.

To publicly humilate one of those ladies and to shame the rest by association is not only a low, gutless act, but it's also fucking up the delicate balance that keeps people having random and most often reckless sex. Just because you don't care for it, or more than likely, O'Donnell (and probably many more) turned you down at the last minute doesn't mean you have to fuck shit up for everyone else.

That's what an act like this does. It insinuates that it's some how wrong for a single woman to hook up with a younger man. And to not only hook up, but to be the aggressor. Let me be clear about this -- IT IS NOT WRONG. IT'S REALLY, REALLY RIGHT.

Does it make it right because she's a political candidate with wacky views on sex and shit? No, it doesn't. O'Donnell's views on masturbation are wrong. But that doesn't make publishing something like this right either. Gawker didn't catch her fucking a prostitute, or her Mexican pool boy who also happened to be an illegal. All they did was find out that she fooled around with someone one time, but stopped before having sex. THIS IS NOT DIRT IN 2010 and I find it creepy that this is being sold as dirt by Gawker.

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