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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Afternoon Links: DOOM EDITION

Cholera breakout has killed 442 and hospitalized another 6,742 in Haiti. Cholera outbreak?

For all the progress we've made from producing fire, to farming, to not throwing shit and piss out our windows onto the streets; this is a helpful reminder to be thankful that you were not born in a shit hole like Haiti, where you can still die from a cholera outbreak in 2010.

Get your wheel barrels out. You're going to need them to buy bread shortly.

What is the impact of the national election on Maryland? Federal dollars might dry up.

Only in Maryland would that be the analysis of a huge mid-term election that saw upwards of 60 Democratic members of the House get sent packing. From the article:
Few areas of Maryland are likely to be spared as Washington turns its attention to curbing spending growth. Among those who could feel the pinch: taxpayers, commuters and government workers at all levels. In short: almost everyone.

Republicans in Congress want to cut federal spending by $100 billion. President Barack Obama has called for what amounts to a freeze on spending, starting in 2011.

For Maryland, the budget-tightening could hit military and health research facilities, road and mass transit programs, aid to state and local governments and the federal workforce.
Except it won't. Don't get me wrong, I hope road projects that we can't afford will get scraped, that defense spending that we can't afford is reduced, and government employees' benefits that we can't afford are slashed. I hope all that happens. But it won't. And if they manage to reduce spending even in the tiniest we are talking about going back to 2008 levels. Not exactly the Calvin Coolidge era of governing.

I will miss horse racing when it dies in Maryland.

More ponies -- Breeders Cup weekend starts tomorrow. I'd love to spend all day Saturday throwing shit at my TV and enjoying the races. Instead I'll be at the Annapolis Food and Wine Festival with the missus and her friends. YOU CAN NOT GAMBLE ON FOOD AND WINE FESTIVALING.

If only we could ban tunnels.

Important things have been done by the San Francisco City Council.

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